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Launch into Life

I’m excited to announce that my second novel, The Jonah Complex, went live in July. That’s author talk for you can buy it on Amazon. If you do, I hope you will consider posting a review. The experts say reviews sell books, so this is an important way you can help me spread the good news!

And sharing good news is the reason I write.

The Jonah Complex is about a woman, imprisoned by the shame of her past, who finds healing and second chances ironically, while she is under investigation for a series of murders. I doubt that you will ever find yourself the person of interest in a homicide case, but we all have scars from our pasts, a hurt, a loss, a disappointment that we’ve held on to over the years, The same way my character, Bai, clung to her mistakes.

See Bai is a perfectionist. Like a lot of us, she’s her own worst critic. She doesn’t believe in second chances. She thinks it’s too late for her to change, to move her life in a new or better direction. Her character arc brings her to a point where she realizes that simply isn’t true.

In a way, that part of her story is mine. I could be a poster child for second chances. After my debut novel, Mirror Images, won the 2012 Women of Faith contest, I took a leap of faith, quit my job as the controller of a local company, and found a new career that I love. I’ve done things I never thought I could, met some amazing new friends, and reconnected with some terrific old ones. I hope in some small way that encourages you to examine your own life. Let go of things from the past that weigh you down. Rearrange the ones in your present that aren’t working. Believe in second chances.

And do it now. Because it’s not only my life that has changed dramatically in the past three years.

That point was driven home in dramatic fashion when I was updating my mailing list for the launch party. While I’d been busy creating a story world for my characters, out in the real one, life unfolded quicker than a fast-paced novel. People moved from their homes by choice - to downsize or upscale -and by circumstance - fire, failing health, sudden immobility. Couples married and divorced, two beautiful women lost long-time spouses to incurable diseases, and both my son and my niece welcomed beautiful new babies into their families.

Strange to see the ebb and flow of life documented on Avery address labels. What an odd, but important reminder to make today count.

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