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Laurie Norlander


Book no.1

Award Winning

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They say seeing is believing ... What if they’re wrong?


That’s Maddy’s dilemma when she sees her volatile ex-boyfriend at his identical twin’s funeral. It’s the first of many surprises as Maddy quickly discovers nothing is as it seems in the close-knit community of Churchill, Wisconsin. Despite lingering feelings for Nic, Maddy’s skeptical of claims that his millionaire brother committed suicide. Her suspicions turn to horror when Maddy stumbles across evidence the man was murdered—and Nic may be responsible.


Maddy’s search for truth plays out against the backdrop of small town politics and a personal struggle with doubt. When a second tragedy tangles Maddy in a web of danger and betrayal, how far will she go to unmask the killer?


Laurie Norlander’s debut novel, Mirror Images, was named the 2012 Grand Prize winner of the Women of Faith writing contest. It’s a riveting romantic suspense novel woven with insights on friendship, forgiveness, and the power of faith.


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A killer stalks the streets ... Madness stalks the woman out to expose him. 


Psychiatrist Bai Donovan is a perfectionist—who sent an innocent man to death row. Consumed by guilt, she vows to make amends.


When Bai’s efforts backfire, a homicide detective has questions she can’t answer. He thinks she’s a serial killer; she can’t clear her name without divulging a past she’ll do anything to hide.


Motives collide and passions ignite as the Southside Stalker amasses victims. Deception and danger draw Bai down alleyways of madness. Will she discover the truth in time? Or will the Southside Stalker make sure Bai takes her secrets to the grave?


Award-winning author, Laurie Norlander, believes in second chances. As a CPA turned novelist, Norlander writes uplifting fiction to challenge, encourage and inspire. Laurie’s thought-provoking stories, woven with intrigue, humor, and romance, feature wounded people searching for redemption. She and her husband, Stephen, live in west central Wisconsin.


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The Army calls it PTSD. Mac calls it the Beast.


He might be out of Iraq, but he's not done fighting the war on terror. The battlefield has simply retrenched inside his head.

Despite Mac's paranoia and a host of self-destructive behaviors, a chance encounter with a runaway girl presents Mac with much-needed purpose and challenges him to resurrect a healthier version of himself. But old habits prove hard to break as alcohol, denial, and rage join forces to sabotage Mac's mission and his last chance for redemption.


When the Kid is duped into a dangerous extortion plot, Mac's already shaky hold on reality is strained. With lives on the line, Mac must confront the horrors of his past. Will he rise above his fears to rescue the Kid, or will the Beast of Mac's nightmares defeat his efforts to reclaim both his sanity and his faith?

Book no.2
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